Prosumer Equipment Specialist - Machine Consultancy

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Which machine or grinder is the one for me? In store Consultancy

In store, our equipment expert will guide you through your 2-3 shortlisted technology, brands and models to land at the ONE prosumer espresso machine and grinder that suit you most. This will involve demonstration if required and tailoring the level of knowledge shared to where you are in your journey.

To make the best use of our time together, we strongly recommend that you arrive armed with the knowledge of the difference between the various prosumer technologies found in our Buyer’s Guide, which you can view here:

Duration: 1 hour

Which machine or grinder is the one for me? Phone Consultancy

At a time convenient to you, our equipment expert will call you to discuss different technologies, brands and models of prosumer espresso machines to held you land at the ONE. Our expert will ask a series of questions to help facilitate a shortlist for you to choose from.

Duration: 30 minutes